Taken by Baliey Greyzek

Camila Maldonado Pena, Editor-In-Chief

Our boys are still growing strong taking another win last night against Reeth- Puffers 3-2. They played a good game and pushed through  till the end.


“We played with intensity and fought until the final whistle we played a very back and forth game but got the result we wanted and looking forward to the next one,” states captain Jorge Saldanas #3.


The first goal was scored by Alberto Ramirez #8. Mohamad Bentamour #11 scored yet another two goals for our boys, he has become one of the key offensive players for our wolves.


They will be playing away at Holland tomorrow night at 6:45pm September 24. This will be an intense game for both teams seeing as Holland is also undefeated like our wolves. Who will win? Well just have to see for ourselves tomorrow night.