Nothing but Wins


Taken by Bailey Greyzek

Camila Maldonado Pena, Editor-In-Chief

Our varsity boys have done it again. They brought us home a win 4-2 against Zeeland East High School. Varsity is on a winning streak coming right off the bat. This should be no surprise to anyone, seeing as they won almost all their games last year. 


Even after they were 0-1 in the first half they didn’t give up and ended up scoring four goals in the second half allowing them to win the game. #17 Cristian Diaz scored a beautiful goal last night going straight into the back of the net with an assist by Oscar Loyo. Mohamad Bentamour #11 scored two goals with assists from Jair and Oscar. Mauricio Rivas #12 scored one goal with an assist by Jair Real. 


They will be going at it again Monday, September 14 against Potter House High School. Last year they were unfortunately not able to beat this team. With the senior players on the Potter House team leaving this year it will give our boys a leg up, not that they even need it. They have been talking about this rematch for quite some time and are fully ready to take on this team Monday.