WHS Soccer Wins with Masks


Taken By Bailey Greyzck

Camila Maldonado Pena, Editor-In-Chief

Soccer season has officially begun. The boys have been practicing all summer long hoping that they would be able to play their season. Players have been fully committed to getting better and working as a team. Some of the players  even  practiced early in the morning from Monday to Friday aside from their regular conditioning. 


 After having their first five games postponed, it was still up in the air whether they would play or not. Luckily they got the okay on September 3 and have been prepping for their game against Zeeland West High School which took place Tuesday, September 8. Both teams did have to wear masks throughout their whole game which was hard for them but they gave it their all anyway.


Our varsity boys showed them just whose field it was and brought us home a win 7-4. They worked hard and were prepared for their first game. It’s pretty safe to say Carrasco did a great job and the guys did what they do best: play the game.


 Two  goals were made by # 7 Jair Real who is a senior this year. Mohamad Bentamour #11 is a junior he was amazing last night scoring three goals (hat trick) having two assists from Randy Cifuentes #9.  #14 Eve Ndungustse is a junior who scored a goal with an assist by #13 Omar Nunez. Mauricio Rivas #12 made one goal with an assist by Cristian Diaz #17. 


 JV recently got a new coach this summer. Some of you might know him. His name is Alec and he comes around lunch to talk to people about Campus Life at least he did last year. He was supposed to coach girls soccer last season but due to COVID that wasn’t possible. I am glad to see that he got a chance to coach this year with our JV boys. They also have a new coach’s assistant whose name is Ricky.  JV’s goal was made by Brandon Gomez # 2 who is currently a freshman.


They tried their best last night  against Zeeland but unfortunately lost 1-3. Remember this is just their first game they  can get them next time. It will take time to adjust and there will be plenty of games to see this season. They have a game tomorrow September 10th against Zeeland East High School.