A Look Back to the First Weeks of the Pandemic

Camila Maldonado Pena, Editor-In-Chief

I woke at 5:30am on Friday 13, to read a text from one of my friends with a screenshot of the governor announcing the closing of all schools as of Monday the 16, for us this unplanned closing started that Friday. It was shocking to even hear they were closing school for an entire month so suddenly. I spent the next few hours scrolling through social media sites to see if we were actually gonna be closed for a month. After seeing the announcement of multiple school closings on social media and news sites, it finally sank in that we would not return to school for another three weeks.

I gathered as much information as possible calmly sending the information to my teammates and making sure everyone was being informed of the closings and just how serious this had gotten. Within a day or so I was in quite a daze. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing or how I should be using my time while not in school. I emailed a few teachers out of curiosity to see how school was going to be taught since we wouldn’t be in class for a month. A few responded and let me know that Wyoming would not be doing online school due to some students not having access to the internet.

This made sense but it made me feel more on edge because school is what occupies my time. There is not much at home for me to do besides watching my younger sister. An advantage that I’ve had while being at home all day is being able to spend time with my family. For us, it’s a very rare occasion. This past Sunday we finished up our living room project and started playing Uno, now for some people that’s normal but for my family to sit down and play a game is difficult. So after we played Uno my parents cooked food while we cleaned up the dusty mess that was our living room. Dinner was finally served, this was our lives for maybe the first two weeks of quarantine.

But for the past several weeks of this never-ending quarantine, I’ve taken on the role of being a full time “parent” since my parents are working all day. I cook breakfast and make sure my sister finishes all the assignments that are given to her. Something that I’ve recently picked up is cooking dinner so that once my parents are home they have food and their lunch for the next day.
I would say starting school again after being gone so long is going to be quite difficult seeing as I have to cook and make sure my sister gets her things done and gets on her zoom meetings on time. But for now I am just going day by day and trying to stay sane, going outside and jumping on our trampoline does seem to help.

With my mom going back to nursing school in two weeks things will become more difficult but at this point, all anyone can do is be responsible, stay home unless its an emergency, and find something proactive to do each day and create a steady routine.