Staying Positive is the Key

Jennifer Hernandez, Contributing Writer

Early in the morning as the sun begins to rise around 5:00 am, the birds start chirping and making noise right outside my window. Cars start to turn on as people who are essentially needed at their jobs start heading out. I have some neighbors that work in factories making medical equipment, some work in grocery stores, etc.
I’ve practically been isolated and quarantined in my house since my school has closed. I have been out a couple of times for essentials and to get fresh air. I go out respecting the quarantine and practice social distancing. Some people do not believe in the virus, others don’t social distance, and some don’t even wear masks or are considerate of other’s space.
I mostly worry about who and what I’m around because my parents are not necessarily old, but they aren’t very young, and they do have some health complications, and we really have to be cautious. Overall I do a lot of stuff to keep myself busy and entertained. I babysit my neighbors 4-year-old, I do puzzles that take me a while to complete, I’ve even set up a schedule for myself.
This pandemic has really ruined my plans overall. I think many people are in the same boat with me when I say that. I was planning to get my license, get a job, and visit my family in Mexico. Due to the circumstances, this is delayed and pushed back and normal life is nowhere to be found. This does frustrate me and fills my mind with worry. This quarantine begins to feel like the new normal. As for school, I’ve been loving being able to finish everything with time and at my speed. I feel like I produce better work when not rushed.
The streets aren’t as busy anymore. It almost seems quite calm and quiet for the most part. In my mind, this shows how many things are taken for granted and it shows how people are quick to panic and not sit down and think what is best for them and their family and even their community.
The sun begins to go down at around 7:30 pm and the wind hitting my face at the end of my day is so calming and relaxing after a day of activities and a mind filled with uncertainties. The thought of how much longer this will last and how much more it affects the world scares me but positivity is key for a better mindset and a better world.