How The Pandemic Changed My Perspective

Hannah Fralick, Contributing Writer

So, you wanna know about this pandemic? The one and only 2020 pandemic of the year! I can’t wait to hear all the jokes about it when I’m an adult. So far it’s been something I can say I have never experienced until now. Although I was really excited at first about school closing and everything, I’ve come to realize that this whole coronavirus is really serious. I’ve also noticed how little many people care about it and are actually taking it seriously. I honestly even kinda miss school and work in a way. Being stuck inside for months at a time can really start to drive you nuts. Especially when you’ve run out of things to do because you are so bored.

It makes me wonder just how everything is actually going to play out. I mean, I know we are gonna start opening things up again kinda soon but what if it’s too early? What if things get worse again or go wrong? I feel like there’s a lot we don’t really know because well, when do we ever REALLY know what’s going on? It sucks to see people out and about not really taking precautions and taking this seriously, and it’s those people that make me worry about the outcome. As much as I deeply dislike school, I miss being able to leave the house and spend a few hours a day away from everyone. School can really be an escape for some people and I’m one of them. It kinda sucked because none of us really knew that it would be our last school day like that, and it sucks because the seniors are all over the place with school trying to figure out how we can all still celebrate together for graduation. I’m upset that we didn’t really get a proper goodbye to the seniors.

I myself have spent almost the entire quarantine at my girlfriend’s house. Since it first started, no one really knew what to do with me because of my living situation so I ended up here. I love it, I mean it’s nice being away from my family and I always enjoy my time spent here because everyone likes me here. I can say though, being literally stuck sucks. I only thought about how I was affected by all this but, it has me thinking about people who are homeless, people who are sick and can’t receive the things they need, people who live alone and are old. I know I struggle, times like these are really hard to get through alone.

It makes me really happy to see the positive effects of this., even though, yes people are getting sick, yes supplies are limited, yes we all don’t know what to really do, and yes sadly many people are dying, it’s not all that terrible. Pollution has gone down a bit, Italy’s river is cleared, people are spending more time with family and outside, and learning and understanding that we should all be safer and smarter when it comes to germs and being clean and keeping our planet clean. There’s a lot to be learned from all of this and I hope that this pandemic has a huge impact on each and every one of us worldwide. I also hope that we never have to go through this again, and hopefully, if it does it can be controlled faster and taken care of better.
.mo anyone reading this from school, staff, or students, know that I do kinda miss you guys. Everyone who knows me knows how much I dread and hate school but, being away from you all for this long made me see how much you all have had an impact on me. The school video from the staff was really sweet and thoughtful of each of you. Until we meet again, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!