Since the Pandemic, I Take Nothing for Granted

Emely Cardona, Contributing Writer

Before COVID-19 everything was great and normal. Some of us were ready graduation and others were looking forward for summer.

Since school has closed I’ve been really bored. But I’m usually bored all the time so it doesn’t make a difference but this is a different type of bored. I’ve been keeping myself busy by watching movies/shows on Netflix, eating, sleeping and exercising. A lot of us are going through a difficult time especially since we can’t go outside or have a job. In my 18 years of being alive I have never seen anything like this pandemic and I never thought it’d get so bad as it right now but this surely will be remembered in the future.

When heard school was cancelled I was happy but then I heard we couldn’t back the day we were supposed to and I said to myself “ok this is very serious.” I’m a person that is up-to-date with news but all I ever see on the news in death, how things get worse every day, and how the worst is yet to come. I definitely feel not being in school since I’m used to hearing laughter, yelling, screaming, and seeing happiness. I was upset because I wouldn’t be seeing my friends or my teachers and every day. I worried about my teachers especially for older staff but when we’d get emails from teachers I was glad they were ok and it also made me happy that even though we weren’t in school the teachers still cared for us it really did warm my heart.

I’ve learned during this pandemic to not take anything or people for granted because we are not promised tomorrow and also to be grateful for everything that I have. I hope soon this pandemic will end, and we can go back to normal not totally normal but semi-normal because I wish to graduate and start seeing family and friends again.