This needs to be over now


Tara Black, Editor Person

This needs to be over now.
At first, the thought of not having to go back to school was awesome. Now that I haven’t been to school in a while I miss it. Not really for schoolwork, but mainly because I could see my friends. Having school online is tuff, because for me I know I have to do things but I procrastinate. It was easier when I had to go to school because I usually needed it for the next day, but online we get more days to do it.
There are so many things I miss doing right about now. For instance, hanging out with my friends. Doing weird things, and staying out late just messing around with them. When the school canceled a group of friends and I were planning on doing a lot of things and just hanging out at random places. Now, we can’t, you’re not even supposed to be hanging out with friends. I haven’t seen or hung out with some of my friends since school was canceled.
Work was canceled right about the same time school was shut down. At first, I was like, okay with school being closed I can work more hours. NOPE, I was way wrong the mall got closed. It sucks not being able to work, especially not getting paid.
Sadly, I was one of the lucky ones and my birthday was March 24th. So, the only thing I did was spend it with my family. The lucky thing is my cousin was able to stop by for a while, which was good to see her.
What I have been doing during this time is reading. Yes, I’ve actually been reading, it’s calming and it distracts me so the days go by faster. For the first few weeks of quarantine, I spent it playing the game Witcher 3 on my switch. It is supposed to take someone around 80 hours to complete. Well, I was playing it so much it took me 40 hours at max. The main thing I have been doing almost every night since this whole thing started would be playing Roblox and or Minecraft with the same group of friends.
Sooo, yeah I miss seeing people and going to stores just to hang out. So far this has sucked and I really wish things would just go back to normal.