Ethan: Student of the Month

Luis Aguilar, Contributing Writer

“How did E win student of the month?” 


I know Ethan, he’s a great guy. Considering I go to school with him, have a class with him, and work with him, I can tell you myself he earned it and there isn’t any doubt that he didn’t. 


Personally, when I heard Mr. VanGorp said Ethan’s name through the speaker, I was surprised and nothing but happy for him. It’s always good to see a friend win something. I asked him “So were you in shock? How did you feel?” He says he was lost for words and only had one reaction, “HUH?” he also said he overheard a classmate say, “How did E get student of the month?”  and his response was “Man I don’t even know.” I bring up to him, maybe his personality played a part in this? His response was “Definitely, I try to help when I can, I participate and even when I don’t know, I still try.” He also mentions he likes to help others and can always take a challenge. 


He thinks of himself as being out-going and easy to talk to. Before this all even went down, Mrs. Dolce told him he won student of the month and in his exact words, he said and looked her straight in the face, “YOU’RE CAPPIN (Cappin means lying, or telling a lie of some sort)” and sure enough he did. He tells me he feels honored and told everyone from his dad to his friends to his mom. 


Nonetheless, he feels honored. He mentions how this is his first time winning a student of the month award since the 6th grade.