Whiteboard Masterpiece Brings “Peepo” Together


Liam Small and the legendary Peepo wall.

Brandy Kehl, Contributing Writer

Who is Peepo? What is Peepo? The students of Ms. Johnston’s A.P. Language and Composition class have only been able to call the creation “an entity.”

A cursed version of popular children’s show character Peppa Pig has taken the name of “Peepo” and has been consistently drawn on the language teacher’s whiteboard by Liam Small for one hundred days. Today, on the hundredth day, Liam invited the rest of the class to join him to create a masterpiece.

Corn Peepo. Bernie Peepo. Smol Peepo. There seem to be no limits as to what Peepo can be.

Students took turns between working on important classwork and adding to the board. All this being supervised by Ms. Johnston, of course, who said that “Liam’s masterpiece has finally reached its pinnacle. Pinnacle Peepo-ness.” She had no problem letting her students have some fun, saying that “little things like this can make people feel good about life.”

Nothing can describe the environment as the class scrambled to complete one hundred drawings of Peepo before the bell rang. The result? Something truly indescribable.