Recommended Songs: Week 2

Shaylynn Morris, Contributing Writer

Here I am again with a new list of recommended songs. I am looking forward to making this a weekly thing and recommending some of my favorite songs to you all. This week we have a few new albums to talk about, as well as a few recommendations from an artist that recently passed away this weekend.
Hopeless Romantic by Tink. Tink is an amazing R&B singer and I would recommend anyone and everyone to listen to her. Tink just recently dropped this album on Valentine’s Day, and she couldn’t have picked a better day to release the album. She has some perfect songs on this album that I know a lot of you would love.
Artist 2.0 by A Boogie. This album was released on Valentine’s Day as well, and I am absolutely in love. My favorite song from the album is Thug Love and Cinderella Story. A Boogie has a good way of mixing his words together to make really emotional songs and I personally love when artists create emotion and open up through their music. Those are the types of songs I like to listen to the most.
Leaked by Tay B. Tay B is a rapper that is really slept on, meaning not a lot of people know of him or his music. He has one album that I really like called LL Cool Tay. I found his music around this time last year and have been waiting for some more music from him.
Heat by Chris Brown. This is one of my favorite songs to blast in the car, and when I feel like dancing. Chris Brown is one of my favorite artists to listen to when I’m ready to be in good spirits and have a little fun.
Tracy’s Song by Yung Bleu. The song starts off slow and kind of calming, but later in the song Yung Bleu comes in with his vocals and singing about his feelings about this girl. I love this song and the lyrics are a bit explicit, but overall the song is perfect.
Chanel by Young Thug. The beat to this song makes you want to get up and dance around, which can always put you in a great mood.
Victory Lap by Nipsey Hussle. As you all probably know, Nipsey Hussle passed away at the beginning of the year. His music was skyrocketing, and he was an amazing person all around. He was a family man that was also dedicated to his music, and for that, I will always support his music. I highly recommend listening to this album if you haven’t already.
Like Me by Pop Smoke featuring PNB Rock. Just this past weekend the artist, Pop Smoke passed away in a home invasion. His music was still on the low and not a lot of people knew who he was, however, he was trying his best to get all his music out there for everyone to hear. In my personal opinion, I don’t like all of his music, but this is definitely my favorite one. This song is great and I highly recommend everyone to listen to his music.
This week I listed off a few more songs I recommend to you all and I hope you listen to them because they all are great songs. Artists are continuing to release some of their best songs this year and I’m here to share them with you all. Stay tuned for more amazing songs coming your way, see you next week.