Boy Meets World

Tara Black, Writer Person

“Boy Meets World” is a very childish TV show that shows more than the eye can see.  There were seven seasons of this show. It wasn’t that popular when it had first come out until later on when it began playing on streaming platforms. 

A lot of people used to enjoy it. You don’t see it playing anymore, but this show is just amazing. Every season they had just wanted you to come back for more each and every time. There are times when it plays on TV. A place you can find this show is on Hulu. 

This show is mainly about a boy named Cory Mathews and the issues he goes through. The whole series follows him throughout his high school days to his college days. It shows situations he gets in, and not only that but what his best friend is going through as well. There is also some romance going on through this whole series. 

They have some MAJOR things happen to the kids throughout the series. For example, the main character’s best friend goes through a rough patch to where he doesn’t live with his parents, or one other huge thing that happens is another main character’s parents go through a divorce. 

Even though this show is mainly meant to appeal towards kids, it really is amazing how it shows the tragedies that people face. It discusses some very important information that could go on in someone’s life, and they come across a lot of information.  

This show was so amazing that they had a reboot of the show called “Girl Meets World” which is going off of Cory and Topanga’s daughter. The reboot of the show didn’t do as well as they had expected it to do. It only made it 3 seasons before it totally flopped.