Different Cultural Foods in America

Emely Cardona, Contributing Writer

Everyone loves food, and we are lucky because we have a choice of what we want to eat. The U.S. is a diverse nation which means that there are many different cultures and cuisines in the U.S. due to the different cultures we have here. Some of these foods include Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Thai and much more. 

Sometimes people use food to connect to their home country or their culture. Also, people just like different types of food and exploring different things they don’t usually eat. There are many restaurants with foreign foods, and surprisingly they are really popular in the area.

The top five most popular foods are Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, and French. 

The number one is Chinese with 76% people enjoying it, then Mexican with 74%, Italian 71%, Greek 32% and French in last with a percentage of 26%. American food is so different from cultural foods most of the original American food is what we eat almost every day which is fast foods which consist of burgers, hot dogs, and fries.