Sex Education: the show that goes there

The cast

The cast

Ashleigh Koster, Contributing Writer

This show goes there, like it really goes there. It’s called Sex Education first of all. The entire basis of the show is about a high school virgin who decides to become a sex therapist for the students at his school. Otis, whose mother is a sex therapist, meets a new girl Maeve and eventually they decide to start a business where Otis gives advice for money. That is the basis of this first season, if you haven’t watched it you should. 


Season one of Sex Education came out January 11th of 2019 and season two came out January 17th of this year. The opening scene of season two is just ultimately something else, but in its entirety, it is an amazing show. 


In the first season, Otis was in love with Maeve while she was with another character named Jackson. Once those two broke up, Maeve still acted like she didn’t want anything to do with Otis. He eventually moves on to another girl named Ola, who is the daughter of Otis’ mother’s new secret boyfriend. That secret is revealed in season two. Maeve reveals her feelings for Otis in season two while he is having problems with Ola. He began to question his relationships and if he really got over Maeve or not.  I love Maeve and Otis together, you just root for them to finally get together. I never liked Otis and Ola together, they just seemed like complete opposites. All the actors I feel fit very well with the show. Most of the characters are likable but some you have a love-hate relationship with them. 


Maeve, who got kicked out of school in season one, eventually finds her way back to the school. Her mother shows up and says she’s clean off the drugs and Maeve is really skeptical at first, but she wants to have her mother back in her life, so she allows it. That entire situation eventually blows up. In her trailer park, she has new neighbors, two brothers who live very close to her. One of them, Isaac, really starts to like Maeve, but he knows she has feelings for Otis. He believes they should be together though because of their shared trauma with their parents. I liked Isaac as a character but when he started trying to keep Otis and Maeve away from each other I got irritated. 


This season also closely dealt with sexual assault. Maeve’s friend Aimee is assaulted on the public bus on her way to school, and she struggles for a really long time before reaching out. There is one specific scene where a group of girls talked about their experiences with sexual assault and Aimee started to feel safer when she was around those girls. After that, they all got on the bus with Aimee to try to help her overcome her fear of the bus after the assault. I love the fact that it did deal with this. It isn’t talked about much in the media and the facts that the girls talked about were heartbreaking, but true. It is good that it is getting out there. Another show called Unbelievable on Netflix deals with sexual assault very closely as well. 


During all of this, Otis’ best friend Eric meets a new guy in this season. In season one he had a moment with Adam, the headmaster’s son. Adam is struggling with his internalized homophobia because of his father though, so Eric doesn’t think it’s a good idea for his own mental health to be in that situation. So Eric begins to date the new French guy named Rahim. They were incredibly good together but it felt as though Adam was more like Eric and he began to realize that. Adam eventually figures out he is bisexual and starts to come to terms with it. He tells the entire school he wants to be with Eric, so Eric breaks up with Rahim. I loved Rahim a lot, but I feel like his and Eric’s personalities didn’t go well together. While I can’t decide if I hate or love Adam, his personality does go well with Eric’s. I want to see where their relationship goes in the next season. 


The end of season two had to end in a cliffhanger of course. Otis finally confessed his feelings for Maeve over a voicemail. Maeve does not hear it and later in the day he decides to go over and just tell her, however she had gone to get food for her and Isaac. After Otis leaves, Issac listens to the message and deletes it. Netflix really left us with that to wait another year to see what happens. While this scene was attacked, I liked it. It left us hanging but that means I’ll be really excited for when the next season comes out. 


The show keeps you watching. I love it because it’s relatable. It’s relatable for all audiences. There is no specific set timeline, so it can be for anyone and anyone can relate. 


According to IMDB, this show has some of the most honest queer characters on T.V while it also tackles other subjects like drug addiction, woman’s health, sexual assault and mental health. This show is one that is actually hilarious, uplifting, and occasionally heartbreaking. The entire show is a roller coaster of emotions but I think it is a real and raw show that is not afraid to deal with real issues. 100% recommendation from me to watch it, you will not regret it.