Justin Bieber is taking over the world once again


The documentary series on YouTube gave fans an insight into his life

Eduarda Kehl, Contributing Writer

Since last year, it is clear that Justin Bieber has changed physically and mentally. After his tough years involving drug addiction and several breakups, he is finally clean and back to work. In 2015, he had to cancel his world tour called Purpose and announced later that he needed to take care of his mental health. After watching the series-documentary he released at the end of January, I could finally understand why he chose to cancel everything. As a fan, I always supported him with his decisions, but I never agreed with everything. I know he was not the best person a few years ago and I can say that he changed.


During these three years without stepping on a stage and almost five years since his last album, Justin finally came out about everything that was bugging him. As you all might know, he was addicted to serious drugs during his youth and in 2018, after canceling his tour, he finally looked for help. He found a very good doctor that helps him get his body detoxicated and they found out what was behind his panic attacks and anger problems. Being bipolar was the first thing the doctors told him, but what they discovered after a while is that he was suffering of anxiety, depression, mononucleosis, and Lyme disease.  Yes, a lot right? But people still think is “OK” to make fun of his appearance.


What was really notable about Justin was that he was hiding and covering his body as much as possible. Some people thought he was doing drugs again because of his weight loss and his skin being “itchy”, but now it is all clarified. In the episodes, you can see he going through the treatments and a good explanation of how he has been dealing with the symptoms. 


When he was younger, he used to call a fan from the audience in his concerts to sing his song “One Less Lonely Girl”. He sang for them and gave them flowers and they got back in the audience. But in 2018, he surprised the whole world announcing his last One Less Lonely. On a trip to the Bahamas, Justin and Hailey Baldwin, a supermodel, got engaged. They met for the first time in 2010 and were close friends since then. After the commitment, they believed that they needed to get married before moving in together. That is why they got married in a courthouse way before the ceremony. 


The episodes show all the struggles that Justin went through since the tour being canceled, but it also showed the secrets behind the marriage ceremony. It was very sentimental and sweet and can make everyone change their minds about Justin. This documentary brought up the worst and best moments of his life, showing how he has been changing throughout the years. 


Speaking about changes, his newest album is out since Valentine’s Day and it’s already breaking records like Justin always does. The album called “Changes” includes 17 songs and it debuted on the top of the US Billboard 200 chart, beating Elvis Presley’s record 59 years ago. Biebs is the youngest artist in history to earn seven 1st place records and he sold over 1 million global sales and streaming units.