17 & Gone


Ashleigh Koster, Contributing Writer

A girl starts to see visions of missing girls who she doesn’t know are dead or alive in this book called 17 & Gone. Lauren, the main character, sees a missing poster for a girl who was a “runaway”. She becomes obsessed and starts seeing visions of this girl and eventually she sees visions of other girls. They are all 17 and went missing without a trace. 

Throughout this entire book I was trying to use my Scooby-Doo skills and figure out what happened to these girls as more and more clues were revealed. I seriously couldn’t figure it out and it was starting to irritate me but I kept reading because I wanted to know. It was also annoying when Lauren would start to figure out what happened to one girl and another girl would pop up in her visions. 

I thought this was an amazing book for a few reasons. Number one being I actually wanted to read it and that doesn’t happen very often. Number two, it was really weird and creepy. Number three, the ending was not something I expected at all. I can usually predict the endings of mysteries, but this ending was one I really didn’t see coming. 

If you like mysteries or horror things, then this book might be for you. If you hate reading, I’ve been there. I hated reading, but this was one of the books that got me to start to like reading again. If you like creepy mysteries like I do, then you’ll possibly like this book too.