Mr. Hollern’s Brother’s Fight Against Cancer

Mr. Hollern's Brother’s Fight Against Cancer

Leslie Delgado, Managing Editor

Last Friday was the basketball game that was in honor of Mr. Hollern’s younger brother, Tim Hollern, who is fighting cancer. Mr. Hollern’s brother is 14 years younger than him. He is the assistant principal at Forest Hills Eastern High School for about 10-12 years. Which according to Mr. Hollern is interesting since Forest Hills Eastern and Wyoming play against each other. He is 44 years old and has 3 kids. 

8 years ago his brother was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He relapses, sadly, often. He has had many types of treatments and chemo which have been very difficult. For his family as well it was difficult, dramatic, and shocking because he seemed perfectly healthy. “We’ve all decided to stand with him and support him through every trial and victory,” says Mr. Hollern. 

To raise money, shirts were being sold for $10 during all lunches and were also a “pass” to get into the game for free. All the money that was raised was for the American Cancer Society. Mr Hollern and his family are very thankful for all that the Wyoming High School community had done to help his family.  If you bought a shirt or attended the game on Friday our community and the Hollern family thanks you.