Rain Drop, Drop Top, Go Get Some Wing Stop


These are some juicy wings

Alexander Roman, Contributing Writer

Wing Stop is a new place next to the China Buffet on 28th street. It’s basically like the Buffalo Wild Wings but it does not have the delicious honey BBQ option. Although it did not have that, it did have hickory-smoked BBQ that was a good alternative. Well of course, since it was like Buffalo Wild Wings they have a boneless or bone-in option although the boneless option costs less money. 

There are a variety of sides that come with your order of wings like corn, fries, veggie fries, veggie fries with just carrots, or veggie fries with just celery. There are also some other options for your wings like whether you want a dip and there are also custom options for other items as well. There are a lot of items you can choose to have for your wings that range from not spicy at all to very very spicy. There is also one of them fancy vending machines that come with the various different flavors of famous brands. 

Now onto what the food tasted like. Personally I think the boneless hickory-smoked BBQ tasted really good and was definitely worth the money. Evelia Juarez Diaz thinks that the mild and Cajun boneless wings were really good and Leslie Delgado also thinks that the Cajun wings were good and were actually unique and “interesting” as well. They both say that they would go there again.