A Great Movie to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Eduarda Kehl, Entertainment Writer

After the success To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Netflix released the sequel To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You and we are already expecting the third one. The movies were inspired by Jenny Han’s sequel of books and the last one is called “Forever and Always, Lara Jean”.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before ends with Lara Jean and Peter getting back together as a real couple. P.S I Still Love You starts with Lara Jean getting ready for her first date with Peter. Valentine’s Day is approaching and all they can talk about is love. Gen is still around and Jess is hanging out with her love one. But with all love movies, there is always a conflict. Lara Jean receive a letter in the mail, a response to her love letter that was sent in the previous movie. John Ambrose McClaren comes in to make us fall in love with another fictional character. And no, this is not a spoiler because if you watch the trailer, you can imagine what is going to happen.
The movie was as good as I expected, but there were many times that I had to calm myself down because my favorite parts of the book weren’t there. It made me really sad, but if you didn’t read the book, you’re fine.

I recommend this movie to all the boys that I’ve loved before, so they can understand the reason why we are not together anymore: they are not Peter Kavisnky. Also, it is a good movie to watch during Valentine’s Day with your lover, or maybe cry watching because you don’t have one.