Show Your Spirit for Valentine’s Spirit Week


Madison Masunas, Layout Editor

Spirit week starts today!

This week’s theme is all about Valentine’s Day, and whichever class has the most participants will get a Valentine prize.

Monday’s theme was pajama day, and there were a lot of people participating! The count for Monday count is:

Sophomores- 33

Juniors- 58

Seniors- 51


The second day of spirit day is twin day, and there were a lot of participants on Tuesday as well. Juniors are still in the lead, and the count is as follows:

Sophomores- 66

Juniors- 95

Seniors- 88


Wednesday was the day to wear everything heart related. People wore heart themed clothes or even painted hearts on their face. So far, Juniors are still in the lead:

Sophomores- 83

Juniors- 118

Seniors- 104


The theme for Thursday was all teddy bear and fuzzy themed. People from all grades wore their best fuzzy outfits! More and more people participate every day and the count is:

Sophomores- 100

Juniors- 135

Seniors-  117


Friday was the last day to show your Valentine’s spirit! Sophomores were to wear white, juniors wore red, and seniors got pink.