Bowling Team Heads to Mona Shores


Bowling "Shore" is fun!

Gavin Henry, Contributing Writer

Ahead of this weekend’s tournament versus Mona Shores, I thought I’d deliver some insight on the Wyoming bowling team. More specifically, a player you’ll be hearing about for the next three years.

Standing at roughly 5 feet (1.52 m) tall, a young man with endless potential is currently roaming the halls at Wyoming Junior High School. This guy hardly ever sniffed a bowling ball before this year and has already become the captain of the B team and a self-proclaimed Beast of the East. 

The man I’m describing is Levi Henry. 

He has quickly become a fan favorite, consistently throwing good games and having loads of charisma while doing it.  

I highly recommend everyone to go to a bowling event sometime. It’s obviously indoors so you don’t have to worry about weather and there is some truly great talent on display all over the place. The next match is tomorrow, February eighth at 9am.