It’s a Dog Eat Dog World!

Madison Masunas, Layout Editor

Who knew cheerleading could be so intense?

Cheer is a documentary series on Netflix that follows the lives of cheerleaders from Navarro college in Coriscana, Texas. There’s one season out now with six episodes in total. Each episode is around an hour which makes the show even more binge-worthy. I finished the season in a span of only a few days because it was so addicting to watch.

Cheer is easy for anyone to watch. I don’t know much about cheerleading but it didn’t matter because the show was still very entertaining. I really loved watching all of the people on the team tell their stories and I think that is what completed the show and made it better. The show was a lot deeper than just showing off the sport itself because it showed off all of the players as well. Even though the people themselves were my favorite part of the show, I enjoyed watching all of the stunts too. The teams performance for nationals was really amazing and the skills they have to have to pull that off is crazy.

This show just took a lot of twists and I didn’t know what would happen next. People got hurt a lot of times during the season and it was scary to watch but it kept me on the edge of my seat. Also, the audience got to watch the cheerleaders grow and change over the season. 

My favorite team member was probably Jerry. I loved how positive his attitude was despite the troubles he went through during his life. When he was telling his story it was really emotional and it made me like him even more. He also got to compete in the competition in Daytona which is a big deal and it makes me happy that he got that opportunity.

The competition at Daytona was what the team was preparing for the whole season. They showed their performance in the last episode and it was really impressive. The beginning of their song was “it’s a dog eat dog world” and it was catchy and cute.

Gabi Butler was on this show as well and was a part of Navarro cheer. Before that she had a following of her own and was “famous” in the cheer world to begin with. When I saw her on the show I knew she looked familiar like I recognized her from somewhere before.

Overall I would give the show a 5 out of 5 stars. I just really enjoyed watching every part of it and I think other people should watch this show too!