Rejected at the Blood Drive


Here, Ana Salvador actually got her blood drawn! Can't relate.

Donating blood should be a simple process, but for many of us it just didn’t work out. 

For some of us, our heart rates were “too high” according to the blood drive lady. The lady is supposed to be watching her clock to see the time pass by, but for two of her patients, she wasn’t paying any attention which makes it seem like the heart rates were actually an inaccurate reading. 

A big problem people have is that people’s iron levels are way too low. If someone’s Iron levels were below 12.5 they won’t be able to donate. Even if someone is .1 away from meeting the quota. 

Another problem that happened was that sometimes they couldn’t find a good enough vein. Getting down there and going through the whole process just so they can’t find a vein is frustrating because it feels like a big waste of time especially if you really wanted to donate. 

Piercings were another problem that prevented people from giving blood. Sidney Gelock explained that she was rejected giving blood because her ears weren’t “healed” yet. She did just get her ears pierced less than a week ago, so it does make sense.

They are very picky about who can donate, it’s honestly very frustrating.