Kyler Murray had an Awesome NFL Season

2019 NFL’s Murray’s Rookie Season

Kyler Murray was the first pick taken in the 2019 NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals. The Heisman Trophy winner led the Oklahoma Sooners to a Big 12 title in 2018 with 5,362 yards total yards and 54 total touchdowns. Coming into the league, many NFL analysts said that Murray was too small to play in the NFL standing at only 5’9.
Another analyst said that Murray should be a late round draft pick due to his size. Lot of people said that a 5’9 kid can’t play in the league, nevertheless, the Cardinals still took him first overall. Kyler passed for 3,722 yards and 20 touchdown passes. He also rushed for 544 yards and four touchdowns.
When watching him play you can see how accurate he is when it comes to throwing the ball, he’s rarely off his mark. Another great aspect of his game is his rushing ability. Kyler is a very quick rusher. Many D-Lineman and Linebackers have a hard time catching him because of his great cutting ability and scrambling in the pocket.
Another interesting fact about Kyler, is that he was drafted in the Major League Baseball draft in 2018. He went 9th overall to the Oakland A’s. He’s considered playing both football and baseball at some point in his career. Other athletes such as Bo Jackson and Dion Sanders have played in the NFL and MLB. Kyler is currently the front runner for offensive rookie of the year because of his outstanding rookie season outstanding rookie year. The sky’s the limit for the young Kyler Murray.