World War III

World War 3, not one or two but three. The talk about a war world three trended on Twitter #1 in the beginning of the new year and there were already problems starting and it didn’t look well.

The talk about world war three started when it was announced that president Trump ordered that the second most powerful person in Iran and general of the military Qasem Soleimani be killed. Soleimani was killed by a drone airstrike when he was at the Baghdad International airport along with another general. The general was the most respected and beloved person and it hurt them because he was their military strategist.

The people of Iran were really upset and as far as to threaten the U.S. The president of Iran said that they would retaliate and avenge the late general. Iran was so upset that during Soleimani’s funeral people were allegedly chanting “Death To America” and burning the American flag. U.S. troops were attacked by missiles as a warning and show that they would fight back.

If a war were to break out the people who would be affected are people near or in Iran. Those countries would be a battle ground and thousands would die that’s why people are scared. Americans would suffer but not as much as Iranians or people from other countries that are close.

I asked a few people along the lines what they think about the war, Did Donald Trump do the right thing, and do they think are we safe. The interviews were all asked through messages.

One person told me,“ I believe the “war” will not happen. We may go into a small battle but it won’t be a world war and Trump did not do the wrong choice by killing Soleimani. I also believe we are not safe because anything can happen at any moment, but we have a chance since it’s America “the strongest military force in the world” but we still have to be alert,” they said.

Another person one of my closest friends also told me almost the same thing but had a little different opinion. She told me that the war isn’t between the U.S. and Iran but a war between Trump and A country who was minding their own business. She also told me that she didn’t know the whole with the general but felt that Trump still shouldn’t of have killed Soleimani. Lastly, she told me that no one is truly safe any time, but that the U.S. is definitely even in more danger with the actions the president has committed.

In recent weeks it has been said that U.S. and Iranian officials are trying to deescalate things between both countries. Sadly, things between Iran and the U.S. are still not in good terms. According to a journalist from Express Home of the Daily and Sunday Express said that an expert from the Middle East said,“ World War three may be just “one miscalculation” away if the Iran – U.S. conflict continues to escalate.” (Nicholson)