NFC Championship Preview

Gavin Henry, Contributing Writer

The best quarterback in the world against the best defense is a recipe for an instant classic



After the Super Bowl representative from the AFC is decided, it’ll be the NFC’s turn to showcase the elite teams of their conference. The Green Bay Packers will be traveling to San Francisco (Santa Clara) to face the 49ers. The weather won’t be much of a factor because it’ll just be 55 and cloudy. Vegas bettors have Green Bay as a seven and a half point underdogs which is probably a result of being the away team but is an appalling line nonetheless. Interestingly enough, that is the exact same point spread as the AFC Championship game.

Historical Background Information

As two of the most storied franchises, these teams have seen plenty of each other over the years. In 68 total matchups, the Packers lead the all time series at 36-31-1. Obviously, history has little to no impact on Sunday’s matchup but it is always interesting to look at. These teams have been playing each other for 70 long years and this game will probably be just as close as the all-time record is.

Game Analysis

The 49ers defense has been dominant all year. This dominant defense has been the workhorse for this team and is the main reason they only lost three games. Rookie, Nick Bosa, has been arguably the best player on the defense which is basically unprecedented unless you’re a defensive end from Ohio State (Joey Bosa, Chase Young). 

The Packers defense has also been pretty solid this year. One thing that has always dragged the great Aaron Rodgers down is lackluster defenses so this is an outlier year for the Packers. The last time Green Bay won a Super Bowl, they had an above average defense which is also the case this year.

Professional football has become a quarterbacks game. This is a matchup between two good quarterbacks, one is just a lot better than the other. Aaron Rodgers is arguably the most talented quarterback ever as far as arm strength and precision. Jimmy Garappolo is a talented, young, Tom Brady disciple with great football IQ but seems to lack the pure talent that Rodgers has. Since the league has evolved to become so quarterback friendly, I believe that when it matters, the team with the better quarterback will win. I’m taking the packers in this game, 31-28.