Lifetime of Memories

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Thanksgiving has always been a time when my family came together for a wholesome time. With the lack of these moments in my family now, I tend to reflect on the memories I do have.
My favorite Thanksgiving had to be when everybody was still around and alive. I was young, maybe about 10, and I remember my grandpa and uncles watching the football game in the mancave. I recall that it wasn’t snowing and we were able to play football. There were leaves everywhere and we were all smiling and laughing hysterically. That day was amazing but represented how things used to be, reflecting on it hurts me.
There were many other times on Thanksgiving where we simply just played games ate my grandma’s renowned food, for the dessert she made pound cake. The cake that was infused with 7-up and my grandma’s special ingredient. She also would surprise us with a big pan of peach cobbler, which – I kid you not – is the best dessert in the world, only if made by Doris Jean Brownridge. Her cooking combined with my grandpa’s cooking was enough to bring everybody over and with their hospitality, it was a perfect combo. Thanksgiving to me was full of festivities and happiness. We even had a little bit of Indian stuff in it because of my grandma’s history and her attachment to old westerns.
However, all good things must come to an end. Thanksgiving for my family now doesn’t exist and instead, we all sit at our separate homes and eat like it’s a normal day. There’s no feast or happiness, it’s just another cog in the wheel, part of the daily routine. My last Thanksgiving was spent in the hospital praying for somebody and in the end, the blessings were never sent back. I wish that Thanksgiving could be how it used to be but I know that it can’t and I just live with it.