First Names Define People


Why do teachers not like it when we call them by their first names?

Why do teachers not like it when we call them by their first names? Some of them might be fine with it but most are not and get really peeved when you call them by their first names. In order to figure out why teachers don’t like this, I have decided to interview some teachers on why they don’t like to be called by their first names. I know that it’s mostly because of a respect thing but is there any other reasons? Let us find out.
The first teacher I interviewed is Mr. Vanderklay. I asked him that if I called him by his first name how would he feel? He responded by saying that he would feel disrespected and he thinks that we don’t call teachers by their first names because of tradition and respect. He also said that it is mostly the teachers’ choice. For example, Mr. Schnotala prefers to be called Jeremy and it has been that way for a long while now, so sometimes it just depends on the teacher.
I then interviewed a former student of Mr. Schnotala. I asked this student if calling Mr. Schnotala by his first name made any difference to how it made them feel about the teacher and if it has changed anything in relation from student to teacher. Jack Ballard, a junior, says that it felt absolutely fine. He also claimed that Schnotala preferred that his students called him Jer because he did not like being called Jeremy or Mr. Schnotala. Personally, if I hadn’t had done theater I feel that it would definitely make me uncomfortable calling Mr. Schnotala Jer or Jeremy because it would just feel weird to call teachers by their first names after years of saying Mr. or Mrs. So, it really does depend on who the teacher is and whether or not they’re okay with being called by their first name by their students.