We Love You Tecca Album Review


Overrated, objectively bad, and repetitive. After a while, the voice of this artist mixed with autotune becomes a nuisance like a mosquito. “We Love You Tecca”, an album by the young artist Lil Tecca is an overly-hyped album because it’s by a young successful rapper and not because its genuinely good.
This album came out strong with Tecca showcasing his different cadence, tempos, and flows. It starts to drop after realizing that his album is close to the same length as a Kendrick Lamar album. That means that his album is just repeating what he starts off with and with every song is his passion fading away. This makes each and every song after the first five almost impossible to listen to. It’s not just because it’s bad but because of the fact that he’s supposed to be a prodigy and he doesn’t live up to it. He’s just another generic melodic rapper that blew up off of one song and now he’s trying to capitalize on it.
Tecca is a 16 year old that is absorbed in the culture of rap now but still talks about how he feels about things. Such as how he believes the rappers in the industry are fake because they say that they “love him” which is the name of his album. He hates how people love him and “don’t even know his first name” but with all of that content he still talks about nothing but money, girls, guns, and any other objects that other rappers rap about.
This album gets a 5/10 because it has a good start but falls off heavily towards the end. Also Tecca publicly talked about the fact that most of the stuff that he raps about is fake and that he doesn’t really have guns and he wants to keep that energy away from him. So simply Tecca isn’t being artistic and maximizing the quality of his music but he’s just giving people generic melodic songs, Tecca didn’t live up to expectations and only has songs that are good for one moment and forgettable after finishing them.