Pads and Tampons Should Be more Accessible!


Tara Black

Two Guys Brewing donation for our Wyoming High School girls!

This is so unfair.
One thing we do need to talk about is the fact that we need to have Pads and Tampons accessible to girls in the school bathrooms. So far at Wyoming High School, you have to go to the office if you forgot, a Pad or Tampon. That is so hard because if I find out I don’t have anything when I’m in the bathroom, I can’t just stand up and walk down there. NO, I have to ask girls coming into the bathroom if they have anything.
‘Do you know how embarrassing that can be?’
Also, if all of the girls coming into the bathroom also don’t have anything, I have to text one of my friends asking them, that’s not something I want to be doing, it is SOOO EMBARRASSING.
So, my suggestion is that the school should make Pads and Tampons accessible to girls in ALL bathrooms. To see what other girls felt about this, I decided to ask them how they felt about not having anything in the bathrooms for them.

Torri Pulaski: “Yes, absolutely, because not everyone has access to them, and we need to be able to feel comfortable and going to the office is so awkward and or embarrassing.”
Hannah Fralick: “Yes, because I’ve had horrible experiences, especially when I don’t have any of my stuff.”
Vanessa Marinez: “Yes, because I think girls should be able to go to the bathroom and not have to go to the office because girls have an emergency. Why can’t they just be provided for free? Maybe we should have to pay some money so no one abuses it.”
Alyssa Oddy: “We should have something on our school ids to be able to get some. And it’s hard to share with other girls.”
Nayeli Mercado: “I feel like girls should be able to access them in the girl’s bathroom.”
Camila Maldonado Pena: “ Yes, it’s just convenient and it helps for if a girl can’t get to one and or don’t have any access to them.”
Andrae’ya Wells: “ Oh yeah, because I know personally I don’t know when mine comes. If it were to happen at school I wouldn’t be prepared.”
Marissa Menard: “Yes, absolutely, girls have to rely too much on each other for that.”
Sidney Gelock: “ Yes, because it is embarrassing to ask publically for something we need.”
Baumbach: “From my experiences, you don’t see those things being accessible. I have seen where you can purchase it, they are expensive, or wasted.”-His Experience
Cross: “Usually the same girls use them.” “No, because I feel we do supply them in school, but the custodians would have to take care of that in the day, and there is only a male custodian, so they would have to shut the bathroom down.”
Bernatowicz: “A dispenser… I think yes because it is hard for girls to ask the office.”
O’Dell “Yes, absolutely, usually kids know they can come to me if there are embarrassed it makes it easier.”
Gibbson: “Yes, 100% for free, or for really cheap.”
Everyone has different opinions on what should happen. The main question I asked people was ‘Should there be a dispenser in the girl’s bathroom?’
Not only that but I had asked a few female teachers what they had thought about this and as you can see they thought it would be a good idea to put something in the bathroom for girls. With that, there are a few female teachers that carry extra Pads and Tampons for girls in need.
I asked the principal of his opinion on the situation at hand. Yes, Baumbach is a guy and doesn’t quite understand what women go through, but one thing he said was ‘in my experience.’ I get he has a wife and a daughter but that doesn’t mean guys understand. We can’t track it and I’m sorry if not every girl can actually get Pads and Tampons outside of school. Also, you can’t blame us for not stocking our bags. We might use all of them the month before without realizing it. He isn’t the only male who thinks this way though. They just don’t quite understand what we really go through, so there is no room for judgment towards him.
Mrs. Cross brought up some great points as to why we shouldn’t put the dispensers in and they do make sense. One of the points she made was the fact that sometimes girls can be really immature, and might use the dispenser for a joke. With her saying the things she did it made me think of some more on what really needs to happen, but I am sticking with my Idea that we should have a dispenser in the girl’s bathroom.
I’m not the only girl at Wyoming High School who feels this way, there are so many other girls. I listed a few names above and what their opinions were. I asked more girls I guaranteed I would get some of the same responses. There were a few other girls I asked but didn’t quote, and they agree with me. Part of the struggle for this is that girls never go to the office for anything, only if it is a big emergency. The reason for that is the fact that the supplies they give us literally SUCK, they don’t work. How am I supposed to get a good education when I have to go home because the school’s supplies for Pads and Tampons suck? I really don’t understand.
If they do decide to put things in the bathrooms for girls, I don’t care if they make it like 10 cents or something. If they are doing it because they think we will abuse it, they are wrong. Maybe a few childish people will, but I doubt it. The reason why I do doubt it is that it is such a big deal. There was a school I went to and in the bathroom for 25 cents there were pads and tampons. It was just a silver box with small wording on it. I loved how they actually respect their girls enough to put something in the bathroom for them to use.