Jimmy Johns or Subway?

What’s the big difference between Subway and Jimmy Johns? Since there really is a difference between the two, I decided to find out what people’s opinions were about both places.
According to Jayden Palma, people who like Subway “lack taste buds.” He thinks those students’ parents may have tricked them into liking inferior foods.
I asked Gavin Henry about the two restaurants.“Subway is better and has superior submarine sandwiches,” he said. “Jimmy John’s bread is harder than bedrock in Minecraft.” Gavin dared to insult a restaurant and their sandwiches because he strongly agrees with what he believes to be true.
Questions needed to be answered, so I asked the Journalism class what they liked better: Subway or Jimmy Johns. While surveying the class I found out that Subway had more votes than Jimmy Johns, with Subway having 14 votes, and Jimmy Johns having 7.