The Hallways Seem More Crowded this Year

Have you noticed that the hallways are always terribly crowded and annoying to walk through? They make it hard for students to make it to class on time and they get tremendously hot and humid.
Most of the students agree that the hallways are too crowded and that it is a problem.
“There are so many people, and having to push through people to get to class on time is annoying,” said Maddie Masunas.
The new sophomore class has also agreed and that it’s not what they expected. “I don’t think there are words to describe how crowded the halls are,” said Jannere Carrera, a new sophomore. Many people have added to the school and it gets even worse when people decide to stand in the middle of the hallway to talk to their friends. Some students, on the other hand, don’t really care, they still get to class on time so it doesn’t bother them.
When the students were asked what could fix or control the problem, most said to have teachers and the principal talk to students about not stopping in the hallways to talk to friends. Many also think that the new building might help because the hallways will change and possibly get bigger and create more space for walking.