Tennis is Alive and Well at WHS

Our boy’s varsity tennis team is full of energy and potential, coached by Mr. Bushen. Their home matches are at Lamar Park at 4:00 pm, in case you ever want to go and support our boys.
The team consists of Jayden Palma, Alex Roman, Nathan Stowe, Sergio Alcantara, Gilbert Dejesus, Thomas Bushman, Kevin Lamas, Rocco Albanese, Steven Dang, Cameron Breen, Kaleb Jahncke, Josiah Jahncke, and Logan Boss. A mix of every grade, freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
“Tennis is a lot of work but it’s fun,” says senior Thomas Bushman who is playing for the first time this year.
The team has been practicing since August and their season ends in October. Tennis matches are quite interesting but can be difficult to pay attention to. If you don’t know the rules beforehand you might get lost. The rules are different for doubles and singles. If you would like to go and see a match and have no previous knowledge of tennis then you might want to do some research about the scoring so you know what things like “add out” and “deuce”.
Even though tennis can be a little confusing it’s a really fun sport to play and keeps you on your toes when you watch.
“What can I say? I like tennis. I like baseball. I like hitting balls” stated Jayden Palma who has been playing for three years.
Their match on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, was quite a success. Almost everyone won their match except for a few so bring friends, your pet, or your family to a match so bring our team good luck. If you would like to go ask one of our amazing players when their next match is.