Football Game Against FHE is Emotional for Seniors

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Football Game Against FHE is Emotional for Seniors

It’s our last home football game, not only for the season but also for also for seniors. So, for senior night our wonderful band will be doing a special salute. Tennis and football players and the cheerleaders are going to be recognized as well (shoutout to Natalia Palma for getting the tennis players recognized).

The seniors in band are very emotional. It’s their last football game performance. All their hard work is coming to a special end. They have all spent so much time together and became a family. Whether you’re in band or not I’m sure if you’re a senior you will feel some sort of emotion tonight at our game. The tennis players are feeling a sort of bittersweet feeling as well. During a sport you spend so much time with your team and it can be hard to say goodbye.

I really hope everyone can make it to the game, especially the seniors. See your friends be recognized for all their achievements. This game is the last home game for the season and for the seniors, don’t miss it. I hope to see all you seniors at the game tonight supporting our team, tennis players, cheerleaders, and band kids. Go Wolves!