Mrs. Johnston makes a difference at WHS


Camila Maldonado-Pena

Mrs. Johnston teaches students to communicate effectively.

Camila Maldonado Pena, Managing Editor

Ms. Johnston is fun, energetic, and exciting to be around. “She cares a lot about students more than just academics,” states Julyssa Barajas. This is a great quality to have in a teacher because they care more about you and your safety than the grades that colleges look at. These are the types of teachers that teach us life skills.
She has been teaching for the past 19 years. Johnston is reminded every day that she is privileged to teach her students, teaching us makes her remember that people will always need help, and we should help if we can. Wanting only to help teenagers get through high school and make them confident. She “opened up opinions and different perspectives on things,” expresses Jaznay Lora. She didn’t like high school either, but she finished, so she could become a teacher and to make our high school experience better.
Teaching motivates her because she “has a purpose,” to teach and make a difference in the next generation. Patience is key for a teacher in high school and for Ms. Johnston.
For her, English is personal. While teaching English, she also gets to help students with their lives. Johnston also has a minor in Biology, but she felt that science was more about teaching the material and less about the personal aspect of teaching. She gets a sort of satisfaction with teaching students how to communicate properly.
In the second week of class, Ms. Johnston told us that when she started teaching, she didn’t want to run a high school club. Almost 20 years later, she is taking on the task of Key Club. Her kids are now older, and she won’t have to be with them at all times. Don’t get her wrong, she loves her kids and knitting sweaters in her free time, but she felt that it’s time for her to be involved in a club. Caffeine is her partner in crime at school that helps her through the day. Most importantly, I’ve met another teacher that will impact my life.
Ms. Johnston describes herself all the time as weird and brutally honest. She never played any sports in high school and to this day hasn’t. She wants people to be okay with who they are and wants them to learn something in her class. Ms.Johnston wants other students in school to “ Be themselves, have fun, and be confident.”