Weird Things I Do in the Hallway

Honestly, I’m the weirdest person in the world. I don’t know how to act in the hallway, so I do whatever I please. For instance, I will walk up to people I don’t know and say random things to them.

One of my favorite things to do is call people my ‘girlfriend’ and or ‘boyfriend’. The way people react is hilarious to me. Some react nonchalantly while others react almost like they’re offended and it’s hilarious. I’ve done this so much that the people who know me aren’t surprised when I say it to them and or around them.

Everyone has a different reaction, and I love that. I have been repeating it to some people, and their reactions to me saying that has changed. Like the one guy I keep calling ‘boyfriend’ will now respond with, “Hey, girlfriend.” His first response to me calling him was “I think you have the wrong person.”

Another thing I like to do is tell random people I love them. At first, I didn’t know how people would react to me doing so, until last year. At first, it was only to the people close to me, then it turned into me saying it to almost everyone, people I don’t even know. Hannah Fralick, my friend, told me this: “Literally no one else does this, it’s not a bad thing though. It’s kinda entertaining.”

What I do is for laughs, I don’t do it for the fun of it and anything I say isn’t supposed to be taken to heart- if it is, I really don’t care :). If you don’t know by now I have no idea how to act in the hallway.