New Football Stadium is Ready

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Get excited for the new football field! From new fencing and paint colors to a brand-new logo on the field itself, the football field is completely re swagged.
The first thing you see when approaching the field is the entrance. “The entranceway is going to be brand new,” says Ted Hollern, the athletic director at WHS. He describes it as “A big arch out in the front.” In the past when you approached the field, you couldn’t really tell where to get in. Hollern explains that now there “won’t be any doubt on where to enter.”
The concession stands and surrounding areas have also been renovated. Hollern says, “In the past, it was a wide-open space, but now there will be more trees and some benches and that type of thing. Overall it will be a little more welcoming.”
A major change in the field itself is that it is now synthetic, all-astroturf. There’s also going to be a new track with fresh new paint. “The color coordination is going to be awesome. It’s a perfect blend of black, purple, and grey around the track,” says Hollern. Everything around the field itself has been going up as well, including the new softball/baseball field.
The fan experience is also changing. Hollern explains that now, people will really have that “wow” effect and understand that “this is really our place.”
As of now, the grand opening day will be October 11th. It’s not just an opening day for the football players, though, as Hollern explains that this new field is “For our entire community. It’s for the students, the band, the soccer games, and it shows the whole spirit of Wyoming High School.”
This project wasn’t cheap though, as the total cost is an estimated $3 million for baseball, softball, and football fields. “It is just something we can be really proud of, and that’s for sure,” Hollern says.