Best of Rap


Earl Sweatshirt’s breathtaking comeback album Some Rap Songs is simply his best work yet. He left the public eye for three years because of personal issues and then returned with Nowhere2Go and The Mint which many people relished in. He then announced the release of SRS and it blew many people’s minds because of its focus, Earl’s unparalleled writing/flow, and his new beat styles but also because “Earl, Mr. Early Bird” returned with a new invigoration for life and music.
So this album is called “Some Rap Songs” because Earl asked himself, “What is this?” And he answered, “Some Rap Songs.”
It’s simple, the name is genius as it shows how he is against the industry and the things that go on behind the scenes. This album showed that Earl Sweatshirt was indeed a prodigy that grew up and exceeded his expectations. For once potential wasn’t wasted.
He speaks about loss, maturity, and death in a way that makes you feel good. Some Rap Songs is an album filled with bad situations and feelings but perfectly turned into good songs that don’t sugar coat what he’s talking about.
With lines like “Blastoff, buckshot into my ceilin’ Why ain’t nobody tell me I was bleedin’? Please, nobody pinch me out this dream.” Earl fantasizes about depression and suicide but in a way that rhymes smoothly and sounds like a good thing. Earl Sweatshirt’s album deserves a 10/10 because it presents ideas that instead of making them broad to relate to people and decrease his artistic self he just speaks and if it hits it hits.