A Stephen King Movie Challenge

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A Stephen King Movie Challenge

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Do you want $1,300? Who doesn’t? Well, Dish Network will be paying one lucky person that amount to binge watch 13 Stephen King movies. The movies you must watch are as follows: Carrie (original or remake), Children of the Corn, Christine, Creepshow, Cujo, Dreamcatcher, It (original or remake), The Mist, Pet Sematary, Salem’s Lot, The Shining, Thinner, and Misery.

You must submit an application by October 15th, be 18 years old, and be a United States citizen or a permanent resident. The winner will be provided with a Fitbit to track their heart rate. A “survival kit” will also be provided. It includes a flashlight, a blanket, popcorn, candy, and some Stephen King merch. Dish is just asking that the winner keeps track of their experience in detail. They want to know who they watched the movies with, when or if they jumped during the jump scares, if they slept or not, and what movies they liked or didn’t like.

The first movie, Carrie, is about Carrie White, who is bullied at her school and faces abuse by her mother at home. Strange things begin happening to her, so she begins to think she has supernatural powers. Then she is invited to the prom, and when she wants to just enjoy herself for once, things turn violent. Personally, I’ve only seen the remake with Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie, but it was pretty amazing.

Following Carrie is: The Children of the Corn. In the beginning, Burt Stanton, a physician, and his girlfriend Vicky travel for his new job to the midwest. On the way, they find the body of a murdered boy in the road. When trying to get help, they find a small town that is only full of children who are followers of a preacher named Isaac Chroner. The couple tries to get out because the children want to sacrifice them to a demonic entity. I have never seen this one but it sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Then comes up Christine. Arnie Cunningham buys a 1958 Plymouth Fury and names it Christine. He becomes obsessed with the car and his friend Dennis becomes concerned for him. Arnie’s bully, Buddy, vandalizes his car but the car restores itself. It then begins killing off Buddy and his friends, so Dennis and Arnie’s girlfriend Leigh plan to destroy the car. I haven’t seen this one either but Regular Show made a knockoff episode of it.

After Christine is Creepshow. It is a collection of five short tales but is the length of one movie. The stories follow bogeymen, monsters escaping, a husband getting back at his cheating wife, a visitor from space, and a homeowner with a rotting corpse and bug problems. I haven’t even heard of this one but honestly, if it’s Stephen King it has to be good.

Then comes Cujo. A St. Bernard named Cujo gets bitten by a bat one day. He starts acting weird and slowly gets more and more aggressive. He wreaks havoc on a small town but Donna, a stay at home mother, and her son Tad get trapped inside their small car trying to survive Cujo. I have seen this one and I still want to hug St. Benard’s so it’s not too terrifying.

After that is Dreamcatcher, another one I’ve never heard of. Four friends perform a heroic act and receive special powers in return. Years later, they are on a hunting trip when a blizzard takes over. They are challenged to stop an alien force and prevent the deaths of innocent citizens. It could be good, but it wouldn’t be something I would love.

Then the one most people know, It. An ancient, shape-shifting evil emerges in the town of Derry, Maine every 27 years and it’s up to seven children to stop him. The children stop Pennywise the clown over their summer and the story eventually follows them into their adulthood where they have to come back and stop Pennywise once again. This movie isn’t my favorite but it’s still good. The remake I like better because the original honestly put me to sleep.

Then comes The Mist. After a storm damages David Drayton’s home, he and his son go into town to gather supplies. They get trapped in the grocery store along with others after a thick fog engulfs the entire town. In the fog, deadly creatures are seen and terror takes over. I haven’t seen this one either but I know a lot of people like it. I think they even make a show about it.

Another one most people know is Pet Sematary. Dr. Louis Creed and his wife Rachel, along with their little girl and boy, move to a house in Maine. They then discover a burial ground hidden in the woods near their new home. When something bad happens, Dr. Creed goes to his neighbor Jud for help. This sets off a chain of horrible things yet to happen. I’ve seen both the remake and the newer one. I can say that I like both of them, but the two have different endings.

Next up is Salem’s Lot. A novelist is disturbed by the behavior of the townspeople and begins to think it has something to with an old mansion that overlooks the town. He discovers that a vampire has taken residence in his New England hometown, Salem’s Lot. I know nothing about this one, sorry.

We’re towards the end. The next one up is The Shining. Jack Torrance, who brings his wife Wendy and his son Danny along, becomes a winter caretaker for a hotel where he hopes he can end his writer’s block. He doesn’t make any progress with his writing, but he does discover some hotel secrets. He then becomes a homicidal maniac set on attacking his family. I’ve seen this one but I definitely didn’t like it. You either love or hate this one.

Almost done. After The Shining comes Thinner. Billy Halleck, who is an obese lawyer, accidentally hits a Gypsy with his car. Even so, he manages to brush the whole incident under the rug. The victim’s father then sets a curse on the man that causes him to lose weight at a frightening rate. I think I have this movie sitting in my room but I’ve still never seen it. Sounds pretty good though.

Last one! Misery. A novelist, Paul Sheldon, is injured in a car accident and then saved by a former nurse, also his biggest fan, Annie Wilkes. She brings him to her remote cabin where she soon discovers he is killing off her favorite character. She becomes controlling and violent while she holds him hostage to make the book that she wants. I have seen this one too and I really, really liked it. It’s the kind of movie that spikes your anxiety though.

If you think you would be interested in this contest, and you’re 18, sign up for it! It’s Stephen King’s movies, so you won’t have a terrible time. Unless, you know, you don’t like horror movies.