Mr. Baumbach Comes Home to WHS

“Wyoming is a perfect picture of what we want society to be like,” states Mr. Baumbach. He feels that if other people in the world could get along, it would be more peaceful. Mr. Baumbach wants to let students know that he isn’t mean and that, “he cares about each and every one of [us].”
He is passionate about what he does, working hard every day to contribute to something bigger than himself. He likes having a purpose, and his purpose is to work with students.
Mr. Baumbach has thorough experience dealing with children of all ages. He has two children, Madison a 7th grader, and Colton, currently in 5th grade. He has been married to his high school sweetheart for 15 years. Mr. Baumbach is the type of person who enjoys being with his family and is often engaged in outdoor activities.
Our new principal started as a teacher before anything else. He taught at Wyoming Park, Jackson Park Middle School, Rogers High School, and Innovation Central. He was also a football coach at Wyoming Park High School. He later became a Dean of Students at Newhall Middle School. He was eventually the assistant principal at the high school a few years ago. He then became the principal at West Elementary, and now, this year he has become our Wyoming High School principal. He wants to continue to help students reach their full potential and support our staff to be the best they can be for the students.
Mr. Baumbach hopes that the school spirit and pride that our teachers and students have at Wyoming continues. He has the same high expectations that have always been at our school, and he also wants Wyoming to have a competitive athletic teams, as well as having an outstanding performing arts program. Most importantly, he wants to spread the goals of Alpha Wolf.
We should all give a warm, loving, and respectful welcome to our new principal who has shown that he cares about our school, including the staff and of course, the students.