There are Some Crazy Phobias out There!


People have the rational tendency to run away from things that are dangerous. Some people, though, irrationally run from things that are really not dangerous.
Most people know they have phobias, while others just don’t know about it until they see or do it. With a phobia, a person has a fear of an object or situation mentally and physically. In this case having the tendency to run from things or to panic.
There are many different types of phobias from where you can understand why it’s a phobia to where you can’t understand why it’s phobia. There are many crazy phobias like fear of itching yourself, vomiting, garlic, dust, walking, and many more. There are many things that cause phobias like an experience that left you terrified, or genetics your family passed down.
The three top common phobias are social phobia, fear of open spaces or doors, and fear of heights. There are many more but these phobias are the most common around the world. You can tell this person has on if they can’t go near it or they can’t see it. With each phobia, it falls under a different category.
Social phobia is also known as social anxiety disorder, which is very common around the world. This can happen when you are presenting in class and you start to panic. But also when you fear in general . This can also include you hands sweating. In this situation you can also be scared to open up to people. Or in this case, be scared of people and talking to them about their thoughts.
Agoraphobia Is where you can’t stand the chance to see an open space. For instance when you are sleeping at night and you see your closet door open you will start to panic. There are other cases where you stand in the middle of an open space and you start to freak out. You can be in the middle of nowhere and panic because it’s an open space.
I can spot acrophobia in many different places but to be specific, in amusement parks. When you are waiting in line and you hear screams from the top of the ride it’s the people fearing for their lives. This can also happen if you are on top of a mountain or in any building that is tall. If you want to know if you have this phobia just look down and if you panic then you have it.
There are many people at the Wyoming High School with phobias but I interviewed a former girl named Ashley Peña with trichophobia, which is a fear of hair. “I have to tell my sister to take out the hair from my brush in order to brush my hair,” she said. “I panic and it disgusts me.” she said.
Seriously, if you have a or you think you have a “phobia”, tell a parent or guardian about it and consider going to therapy to help you overcome your fears.