13 Reasons Why, Season Three Review


Did you know the book came before the show?

Who killed Bryce Walker? This was the question that drove the main plot of 13 Reasons Why’s third season. In each episode, a different character was a suspect. New evidence was revealed every episode, making it look as if a certain character was the true murderer, but that wasn’t always the case.
The episodes also flip back and forth to before and after Bryce’s murder. One way a viewer could detect that it was the past was because the screen would be a lighter tone of color and the camera shot would widen. When it was the present the screen would darken, giving it a darker vibe to the scenes.
I would give this season a four out of five stars. I believe this season was one of the better ones, but there was a lot going on at times. The show would flip back and forth to when Bryce was alive and when he wasn’t, which got confusing at times. The season was also very suspenseful. I was consistently anticipating the murderer to be revealed. The show also got tedious at times. The plot dragged on to the point where it would often get boring to watch.
My favorite scene throughout the show was when Bryce apologized to Hannah Baker’s mom. I believe it was needed due to all the damage he did to Hannah and her mother. I like how the director created the scene where the mother had no right to accept the apology and she had a lot built up in her and she got to get somehow. I also like how we go to see Hannah’s mother after her daughter’s death finding her peace. I also think it was a unique tactic to not let Bryce get forgiveness even though it was an honest regret. It almost made viewers want to have him forgiven, but when the mother does not and gets quite furious with him it reminds you of everything he did.
Some other people stated their views on the show. Taylor Boukma, a student at our high school, said that “[she] fell asleep a lot during this season and nothing peaked [her] interest.” Maddie Masunas agreed and said “[she] would give it a 3, I just feel the plot was dragged on from the book. [She] know[s] they’re trying to make it their own thing, but they took it a little too far.” “I was shocked when the murderer was revealed I never expected it, which I liked about this season,” Janell stated.