WHS’s Most Listened To Artists


Adrien Brownridge

WHS is a diverse school that has many good qualities, but does it have a good Top Five Artists list? Sometimes people share the same interests as others. The students of WHS seem to have a few artists that they all enjoy. From the rapper turned pop star, Drake, to the misconstrued singer, Post Malone, WHS’s list is good and mixed.

The undefeatable Drizzy Drake is a Canadian rapper and is a bop for WHS. Drake’s music is varied enough to reach many people, and he’s the most popular rapper in the world so WHS definitely has good taste in music. The memeable antics, bangers, and many disputes with other rappers have placed drake in #1 for the top 5 WHS playlist.
B-Rabbit aka Eminem aka Slim shady aka the unpredicted favorite of WHS.

Eminem came from Detroit with a new sound and aesthetic of being wacky, crazy, and unique. His lyrics and the way he raps now haven’t changed much, but they still amaze and influence many people today. He’s a legend and everybody knows it. Many people in WHS talked about liking Eminem and it was for many reasons. From his lyrics to his speed rapping to the drama with other artists, Eminem has a place in many WHS minds.

Post Malone, the “genre-less” singer, is followed for his personality and his pop/rap style music. He’s made music with many artists. He’s also made music that has many styles. Iyan Gomez, a junior at WHS, enjoys Post Malone’s music because “most of his music has a chill vibe and is good for background noise.”

Lil Herb the general G Herbo is a Chicago born rapper who came to fame in the drill rap era. Rapping about things that put out what he was going through and in a way that people could really grasp it. Jean Caracheo, a junior at WHS, vibes with G Herbo’s music because it’s just hard to him which means that it’s great. Many WHS students rock with G Herbo and other Chicago rappers like him.

Shawn Mendes is the cover artist who turned into the top dog of the pop industry. He makes big bank. Just for one show, he can make around $795,000. He has many die-hard fans that buy all of his merch. WHS loves him because of his looks/relationship with girls and his singing. Most people won’t admit it but many people love him.
Many artists are admired throughout WHS. Overall WHS’s list is decent and shows the many styles of music that people like in our district.