Wyoming Soccer plays FHE to a Tie


Let’s start off with this, the raw talent the Wyoming Wolves have is something you cannot find anywhere else. The variety of players you see in that roster is just unmatched and that makes you wonder… Why did they tie 0-0 against Forest Hils Eastern?

The first half started off with a couple mistakes coming from Wyoming. They were holding on too long to the ball and defense was shaky, letting runs happen. The Wolves goalkeeper read the plays and communicated with his team. He ran out when he was supposed too and did not lose any type of confidence. Another player we should acknowledge is Oscar Loyo. He made plays and slide tackles that led to the counter-attacks.

As time progressed we do see improvement from Wyoming and that’s kinda what made the game fun to watch. Jair was taking shots from almost 35 yards and he darn near almost bangs them, Mauricio was making defensive plays and clearing the ball for almost 40 yards.

One thing that does catch the Wyoming team off guard is how far FHE can throw a ball. It almost seemed like a corner kick whenever they got the ball in their hands in the sideline.

Jorge Starts making runs and sending a few balls towards the middle which was a good look, but this is where the team struggled a lot. Wyoming was not executing the play nor the ball Jorge was sending. Like I mentioned earlier, Jair was taking impossible shots that look possible. Mauricio got so close to the keeper it just makes you wonder why he didn’t take the shot.

On the defensive end, Mr. Varsity aka Alan (the newest addition to the varsity soccer team) played amazing! It was his second game for varsity coming off the bench, and he can play. He hung with the big dawgs and he’s only a freshman\; the sky’s the limit for the jit. Defense stood tall and hung tight.

As the team started the second half, it pretty much remained like the first half. The team played excellent on the defensive end held their ground. I mean nothing much would change considering the scored stayed 0-0 throughout the whole game.

Yet again the team had chances to score but nothing was made. FHE did come out more aggressive and had about 2 shots on target but they also lacked to put the ball in.

The final score is 0-0 and these two teams wont see each other no more till next season.

Where does this leave the Wyoming soccer team? We can’t really say as the season just hit it’s half way point but what we do know is that they are ready for any team and every game ahead.