Prediction: Ohio State will win the Big 10

Ohio State
Penn State


Ohio State is and has been the class of the Big Ten for basically my entire life. I don’t see Ohio State slowing down this year with Ryan Day at the helm. In the first game, they mixed in some classic Ohio State I-Form offense from the Jim Tressel days. Ohio State showed flashes of being elite week one but they also showed the growing pains that come with having a first-year head coach and quarterback. Ohio State is my pick to win the B1G because they have by far the most talented and the best-recruiting classes year after year. The only reason they can’t win this conference would be due to inexperience. Predicted Record 12-0.

Penn State has one of my personal favorite coaches in all of College Football and consistently brings in top recruiting classes year in and year out. They have looked elite in their first two games with a combined score of 124-20. Although their two opponents haven’t been in Power Five conferences, they still showed the ability to dominate an opponent in every facet of the game. Predicted Record 10-2

My pick for third place in the East would be Michigan. They now have a very experienced quarterback and head coach for the first time in a long time. If Michigan doesn’t beat Ohio State this year then Jim Harbaugh could be in the hot seat in Ann Arbor. He hasn’t beaten Ohio State at all during his tenure at Michigan. Michigan struggled mightily against Army, who forced double overtime. Predicted record 8-4

Mark Dantonio is currently the second longest-tenured coach in the B1G. He is also the only Head Coach (currently employed) to have a College Football Player berth in the B1G. He is 109-51 all-time as the head coach of the Spartans and there is no reason to believe that they’re going to slow down this year. Through two games they are ranked 13th nationally in total defense which is very good, but they are ranked 54th in total offense. Predicted record 7-5

The final three teams in the East are all on a very similar level in my opinion. Maryland is the best of the bunch with arguably the fastest roster position by position in college football. They have looked very strong in their first two games but I don’t see them taking the next step towards being a top tier program. Indiana and Rutgers just aren’t good football programs and I don’t expect much from either of them. Bowl eligibility isn’t even guaranteed.

The West isn’t as easy of a choice for me. I believe Nebraska will take a leap this year and meet Ohio State in Indianapolis on December 7th. They have all the tools which include: an experienced starting quarterback and a second-year head coach who has instilled his own culture into the program. Predicted record 9-3

I believe Wisconsin will be elite this year. I have them winning their matchup against Michigan in week 4. Jonothan Taylor has had a historic career and has the offensive line to help him win games. Predicted record 9-3

Northwestern is good but not quite elite. They got lucky last year with Wisconsin and Nebraska being terrible and they can’t count on that again. Their strength of schedule is pretty easy but I don’t see them winning the big games with a transfer quarterback.

The west goes downhill alarmingly fast after their first few teams. A level of incompetence is very noticeable in every team after NW. I don’t expect much from any of these teams.