Soccer Players Talk Soccer

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Soccer Players Talk Soccer
By Lois Aguilar

I was joined by two thirds of the core of the varsity soccer team, Jair and Jorge. We talked in depth about the team, Coach, Conference and what we look forward to this season.

We start off with where do we see ourselves by the end of the season.

I see us holding up a ring.

Both players agreed to this and so did I.

Right after that bold prediction we talked about our strengths and weaknesses and all three of us agreed that we play better as a team when the ball is on the ground. Creating chances and getting to the box is something we all worked on and are near perfect when it comes to it. That being said you can assume what are weaknesses are\; Balls in the air and players runs from behind.

I asked what part of the team needs more work on, Defense, Mid field, Forwards, and both agreed and said, All of the above, we are strong in all areas. There is always space for improvement.

A really young roster considering the team only has 5 seniors this year (Luis, Melvin, Andy, Wilmer, Eduardo) this varsity team has two goalkeepers and one is a sophomore and a junior (Jonathan and Abraham). I asked how they feel about their goal keepers and they said, Jonathan is really good with his feet. It feels good knowing we have a goalkeeper that is very well with his hands and feet. Abraham is a very good communicator. He sees the field and tries to read the next play which is good. Communication is the key to all sports.

You know its very hard to believe that this varsity team is so young,and most players are juniors and will be back next season but i asked them where do they see this team next season and they said, I’ve already seen a lot of JV players that will definitely help us. Our team is basically a bunch of juniors so we will have that experience for next season.

The season has already started, of course, and I asked them about our first conference game against Forest Hills Eastern. The final score was 2-3 in favor of The Wyoming Wolves. I mention this because that game was more than just a conference game. Jorge said that game was a statement more than anything. The Wyoming Wolves had a pretty rough beginning falling short to Lee 2-1, only winning Zeeland 1-2, and losing to Potterhouse 2-6 but once that all ended they played three games in a row and won three games in a row.

What we did in Forest Hills Eastern was a statement, showing people we can play, the players said.

Winning three games in a row is not easy especially when two of those games are away and the crowd is against you.

Districts is always good to look forward to. A stand out game would be South Christian away or home. Same with GRCH. The rivalry and the intensity our team and their team bring into to field make things fun.

I spoke to the players on how they feel about their coach
Jorge mentions and says the following
He gets us ready for our games. He sets us up and changes things that work.

Hes a good coach. -Jair

Overall both of these players seem positive and excited for the season. Only thing thats left is to win out and reach state.