Camila Maldonado Pena, Layout Artist

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You’d think that 40 min to an hour wait in a restaurant is a lot right? Well, to be eating in The Cheesecake Factory it is not that bad of a wait. When we arrived the line was starting to head out the first set of doors( there were 2 sets of doors). We sat next to the door so it was freezing since people were constantly moving in and out. There was quite a lot of people which I’m really not a fan of but the experience was worth it. They gave us a buzzer and it would light up as soon as there was a table available for 4 people.
I think that our wait time was a lot longer than our food coming out. As soon as we sat down our waiter took our drink order as well as our food order. The reason for him taking both orders at the same time was because we figured that the kitchen would have a lot of orders so we looked at their menu before sitting down in a booth.
They had some menus in the lobby area so that people could have an idea of what they wanted to eat before they got to the table. They had great service all throughout our time. When we first sat down I looked around the place closed and they had a huge piece of art painted on the ceiling that seemed to be painted to look like a painting from the Renaissance. It had a modern but homey vibe. Our drinks came within a few minutes and about 15 to 20 minutes later our food had been brought to us. I ordered salmon with mashed potatoes and overall the food was good. I just didn’t like that the salmon didn’t have much flavor but my dad, on the other hand, had another opinion. He said, “ Its better than Bravo.”
One thing I can tell you right off the bat is that the prices for food, drinks, and everything were just incredibly expensive. Anyways the food was good but not for a 20 something dollar plate. The cheesecakes in which they are known for are another story. I ordered a coffee type of cheesecake which was amazing but it was too sweet for me. I ended up eating a piece of the cheesecake every day for the next three days that we had left in Minnesota.
The high-end price does not live up to the prices listed on the menu. I would say that the best part of dinner was the cheesecake at the end but overall service was great I would recommend this place to anyone. I would rate it an 8.5 out of 10.