Bringing Comfort to Students

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Bringing Comfort to Students

Camila Maldonado Pena, Layout Artist

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Ms. Tran is fun, creative and, for me, inspiring. Ms. Tran has taught Gabrial Martinez that “life will always get hard, but it does not mean that is the end.”
She became a teacher because she felt she had a calling for kids. Ms. Tran has been teaching for the past 25 years and the most important thing that she has learned from teaching her students is to be patient. What most people don’t know is that before Ms.Tran became an English teacher she was an accountant.
Looking back Ms.Tran realized that she had an AP English teacher that was tough on her, which made her start appreciating literature and English itself.
If you’re someone who has never had Ms.Tran then you wouldn’t know that she is Vietnamese. English, of course, is her second language. When she got to this country it was a whole new culture, a whole new language she would have to adapt to at such a young age. She escaped from Vietnam so that she could get away from the war that had just started in her home country. She was placed on the ASL program at her school because of the fact that she couldn’t speak English. People looked at her differently because of it. This might not sound fair but back then that’s how people were treated.
When she first got here her sponsor gave them cereal every morning but since she didn’t speak English then she couldn’t tell them that she didn’t drink milk. She ate the cereal every morning and was grateful for the food that was given to her.
Being there for students that need her help and watching them succeed is what motivates her the most. “She pushes people to be the best person they can be,” said Cindy Gomez. If you think a teachers job is easy think again. Making lessons plans for her class every week is a struggle, that’s understandable seeing as she likes to be creative in all things she does. Cindy told me that Ms.Tran always jokes with her students and tries to make the class comfortable.
Making the class a comfort was something that took Ms.Tran all summer to organize so I sure hope people like it. She wanted her room to be comfortable for students but also a place where they could focus on their work. Her Sifi class gets to grow potatoes and make water because of the book that they read in class The Martin. Even though she is only certified to be an English teacher it sounds like she tries to include some science to make the class more hands-on and interesting.
Traveling the world is something that Ms. Tran has always wanted to do but hasn’t fully accomplished yet. Most students who have her know that she quiet “Spontaneous,” said Maddie Masunas. Even though she’s always busy she always finds time to help students. Gabrial Martinez says that Ms.Tran always tells her “ Be the change you want to be.” She understands students and makes them at home. Having them step out of their comfort zone and be more creative is Ms.Tran’s ultimate goal.