“Me!” Review

Shaylee Castle, Contributing Writer

I have watched many odd videos but this one is one that just confuses those who watch it. In the song “Me!”, Brendon Urie, usually a rock artist collaborated with Taylor Swift to create a song that seems rather out of Brendon’s comfort zone but fully in Taylor’s comfort zone. His fans are extremely upset over the collaboration with Taylor Swift and her fans are loving it.


In the music video, it starts out with a snake that attacks and then turns into a bunch of butterflies. The video then cuts into both Taylor and Brendon arguing in French and Taylor yelling at him to not argue in front of their “Young Daughters” which is really just two cats. She then slams the door and changes her mood immediately to overly happy and begins singing. The video is mostly in pastel colors along with the outfits. It also shows Taylor being difficult and refusing his gifts when he’s trying to make it up to her until he pulls out a kitten and then she accepts.


Taylor admits in the music video that she’s a handful, and then sings, “I promise that you’ll never find another lover like me.” Basically saying that they both are different than others and you can’t find anyone like that specific person. The only way I can think to describe this video is that it seems like the video was made while someone was on an acid trip. It reminds me of Alice In Wonderland.


Personally, the only thing I enjoyed about this music video was the fact that Brendon was in it and I absolutely love his voice. I also liked the fact that it showed a bit of his spastic personality and I love that part about him. The lyrics were rather weak though and it wasn’t his style. I also don’t enjoy how overly happy Taylor was in this piece of music. Most of her videos have really gone downhill and they’re mostly about relationships. It’s a tad frustrating because she could have some really great videos if she delved into life further past relationships and went a bit deeper.


When I asked a classmate, Mark Grigg, his thoughts were “I wasn’t too sure how to feel about it at first…After listening to it a couple of times, I’m starting to like it.”  I also asked another student, Brandon Monterrosas and his response was “I don’t like her voice. It’s very annoying to me and not aesthetically pleasing. The costume choice was a bit off. Overall I wasn’t impressed by it.”

If you like overly happy, pastel colors and songs that are bizarre, I would say this song is for you. If you’re not a fan of Taylor Swift and you love the original work of Brendon Urie, I would certainly avoid this song collaboration.