Nextflix Thriller

Lauren Mosby, Contributing Writer

What would you do if your past came back to haunt you? Literally! A group of friends all gather together to pull a prank on another boy who has a crush on one of them and it goes completely wrong! They lure him into an abandoned house to try to scare him by using the girl he likes. She tells him that her cat ran into the house and that she needed help finding it. He says “anything for you”and then follows her into the suspicious looking house. When they entered the home, the other kids pop out with masks on to scare the boy whose name was Chauncy. The boy runs upstairs where he is followed by two of the children. One comes out of a room in front of him and the other is standing behind him. His first reaction when he notices someone in front of him was to run in the other direction, but when he sees the other little girl behind him, he accidentally pushes her over the banister killing her.

Years later after he was incarcerated for the death of the little girl, he is released from prison and the city he was from began to witness mass killings. Was it a coincidence that the same kids from the house were the same kids all grown up now and began to drop one by one? Being as though Chauncy was the suspected killer because he had just come home from jail, no one expected the unexpected. Homecoming night was slowly approaching and things were getting stranger by the minute. Chauncy was seen from distances wearing an all black hoodie to where you couldn’t see his face, black jeans, and black shoes. There was even a scene where they finally showed what he looked like after all of those years and also a scene of him choking his own mother in their kitchen!

When homecoming night was finally upon them, the sister of the deceased little girl was accompanied by a famous singer which attracted a lot of attention to the both of them. They suddenly disappeared from the function and were later found dead in the school parking lot. The cops were finally called and while everyone was waiting for them to arrive, the main girl was pushed off of the roof of the building, but did not die because she hung on to the side of it. When the police finally arrived, the killer was about to strike again until the ultimate plot twist took place…the killer was unmasked in front of everyone and who was underneath? Their bestfriend! He was seeking revenge for his friend who was brutally murdered in that house four years before.